In today’s complex supply chain landscape, achieving interoperability is paramount. Vinturas is your IT solution to unmatched interoperability. We ensure total connectivity of your entire end to end supply chain, ensuring collaboration & connectivity, data control & ownership, transparency, process automation, and data security. In addition to our interoperable network solution, discover how our additional modules further enhance this vital solution.


Damage & Claims

Our unique embedded Damage & Claims solution is designed to digitize the process of managing claims. Enabled by private blockchain technology our solution creates an immutable record of all events. Our digital damage & claims solution shortens time of claims handling and eliminates any potential disputes.


Our interoperable network solution is compliant and ready to adopt electronic waybills, like e-CMR (Europe), e-Bill of lading, and any future electronic waybills. Eliminating paperwork has a positive impact on your sustainable footprint.