About Us

Made By The Industry, For The Industry

Vinturas was founded in 2019 by a small group of individuals who had extensive experience in the supply chain industry. Among them was Gosling Mast, who still serves as Vinturas’ CTO. These individuals had firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by companies in managing their supply chain operations, including issues with interoperability, data security, and digitization overall. Recognizing the potential of new technology to revolutionize the industry, the founders also identified a gap in the market for existing solutions. Consequently, they took it upon themselves to develop the much-needed new technological solution and fill that gap. Their objective was to create a solution that would offer complete interoperability and serve as a single source of truth for all supply chain data, benefiting all parties involved. Today, Vinturas is proud to cater to businesses of all sizes globally.  These businesses are being empowered with an interoperable network solution that drives return on investment (ROI) and other supply chain benefits.


Our Key Partners


Our Vision is to empower businesses worldwide with interoperability. Allowing them to thrive in today’s digital era by optimizing and securing their end-to-end supply chain processes through private blockchain technology. We strive to create a transparent, efficient, and sustainable supply chain ecosystem that drives growth, fosters collaboration, and delivers unparalleled value to our clients and partners.


We are on a mission to disrupt the global supply chain industry. By delivering unmatched interoperability and leveraging our cutting-edge IT solution, Vinturas will enable its customers to transform the way they manage their end-to-end supply chain.

Company Timeline


At Vinturas, we’re all about teamwork and collaboration. Here’s how our team-oriented approach sets us apart:

  • Collaborative Culture: We foster a culture of collaboration, where every team member’s insights and expertise are valued.
  • Cross-Functional Teams: Our cross-functional teams work together seamlessly, ensuring diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize your needs and objectives, tailoring our solutions to your unique requirements.
  • Continuous Learning: We encourage ongoing learning and development, keeping our team at the forefront of industry trends.
  • Shared Success: We celebrate collective achievements, knowing that our success is built on the strength of our team.
  • Committed to Inclusion: We value and respect all perspectives. We don’t tolerate any form of discrimination.


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  • 2019

    Vinturas was founded by Gosling Mast & Jon Kuiper

  • 2020

    Initial pilot automotive customer

  • 2021

    Current CEO Ronald Kleijwegt, Joined Vinturas

  • 2022

    Secured long-term funding & implemented first customers

  • 2023

    Expanded into other industries & launched our new corporate identity

  • 2024

    5 year anniversary