Axess 物流公司与 Vinturas 合作优化汽车供应链

Global, 16th May 2024 –Today Scandinavian automotive logistics leader Axess Logistics has announced a strategic partnership with Vinturas, a global supply chain collaboration network solution, to enhance its logistics operations with new technology. The unique network solution will enable secure collaboration and data sharing between Axess Logistics and its trading partners to improve logistics transparency, and traceability of finished vehicles being transported.

This partnership seeks to optimize end-to-end visibility, data sharing, and facilitate stronger collaboration between Axess Logistics, its customers, and other trading partners within its supply chain.

As part of Axess Logistics’ ongoing investment towards connecting diverse operating systems across their supply chain, this integration with Vinturas Interoperable Network solution will enable Axess Logistics to provide real-time tracking, data-driven decision-making, and status updates for clients and trading partners throughout their automotive supply chain.

This integration will eliminate the need for traditional and costly Electronic Data Interfaces (EDI), and manual data entry, mitigate the risk of data inconsistencies caused by disparate systems throughout the supply chain, and generate significant time and cost savings across the board.


Speaking on the partnership, Mats Eriksson, CEO of Axess Logistics said:

Adopting the Vinturas Interoperable Network solution will give Axess Logistics a competitive edge in the market. In an industry plagued by visibility gaps like ours, integrating with Vinturas will allow us to improve our proactive updates, near real-time shipment tracking, and significantly reduce errors from manual entries. These enhancements will directly strengthen customer relationships and our market position across Scandinavia. We are expecting that this partnership will facilitate stronger collaborations with our customers and trading partners and driving digital innovation throughout the automotive supply chain.

Ronald Kleijwegt, CEO of Vinturas, said:

In a complex industry like automotive logistics, collaboration within the entire supply chain is key to driving innovation and efficiency. We are delighted to be strengthening our longstanding relationship with Axess Logistics through this strategic partnership. By combining our expertise, we can provide Axess Logistics with essential digital tools to streamline processes and enhance visibility through safe data-sharing within its intricate automotive supply chain. This formalized collaboration builds on our shared commitment to addressing automotive supply chain challenges, and we’re excited to empower Axess Logistics with the tools they need to succeed.


Axess Logistics is the latest partner to implement the Vinturas platform, alongside Mitsubishi Motors Europe (MME)