Alexander Style

General Manager, Americas

Alexis Shields

Marketing Manager

Alexis Shields has served as Vinturas Marketing Manager since April 2023. Previously Alexis has served in a sales role as an Account Manager at an OEM. Alexis was quickly promoted to Regional Marketing Manager at this OEM and collaborated closely with sales teams to develop effective marketing strategies driving brand awareness and sales leads. Alexis…

Jaap van der Heijdt


Jaap van der Heijdt has served as Vinturas’ Controller since 1 December 2022. Previously Jaap has served 7,5 years as Business Controller at Koopman Logistics Group BV and in this role, he was also involved with Vinturas since May 2022. Before that, Jaap had several Finance positions, including Auditor at PwC (The Netherlands & South…

Gosling Mast


Gosling Mast has served as Vinturas’ principal architect since January 2019. In 2017 Gosling started his work on business model innovation, leveraging blockchain technology, at a finished vehicle logistics service provider. Gosling created the technical foundation for the Vinturas Network Solution. Before that, Gosling Mast worked as IT/business architect at Royal Wagenborg, ABN AMRO, Novartis,…

Ronald Kleijwegt


Ronald Kleijwegt has served as Vinturas’ CEO since May 2021. Previously Ronald served as GVP Sales and MD for EMEA at Blume Global, a Silicon Valey based IT Solution company. Before that Ronald Kleijwegt had several senior executive positions at Jusda SCM (a division of Hon Hai/Foxconn corporation), Hewlett Packard, Hon Hai-Foxconn and Compaq Computer…